Saint Catherine of Siena Parish
1803 North Fort  Thomas Avenue
Fort Thomas Kentucky 41075

The Mission  

The Liturgy & Spiritual Life Committee exists as a vehicle to provide and encourage greater participation of the faithful in the liturgical life of the parish. It is an advisory and consultative body to the pastor on liturgical matters.  

The Committee assesses the liturgical needs of the parish. It plans or coordinates the planning of all worship services, especially Sunday liturgies and other major liturgical celebrations. It oversees the recruitment, training, scheduling, and evaluation of liturgical ministers. It plans and coordinates the liturgical environment: flowers, art, vestments and supplies. It works with the music director to coordinate the music program, the choir and the musicians. It is responsible for the education of its own members as well as the parish at large in all phases of liturgy. The Committee recommends policies to the pastoral council regarding liturgies and develops guidelines, procedures and directives which implement the liturgical policies approved by the council.  

Members include the pastor, music director, coordinator of: lectors, Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, Usher, art and environment and any interested member of the parish. Regular meetings are held the second Wednesday of each month in the parish center meeting room after the 6:30 p.m. mass. (Approximately 7:15 p.m.) All are welcome to attend.

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